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Algorithms & Guidelines

Minimum Standards for Diabetes Care in Texas

In 1995, the Texas Diabetes Council Managed Care Work Group first developed Minimum Standards for Diabetes Care Under Managed Care in Texas. The title was changed in 1999 to Minimum Standards for Diabetes Care in Texas to reflect consensus that these standards should be met under all types of health care plans and delivery systems. They are used to define minimum benefits for health plans regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance.


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Treatment Algorithms, Protocols, Guidelines, and Recommendations

The Texas Diabetes Council presents the following treatment algorithms to assist in the delivery of primary care practice. They have been developed by a panel of experts through an open, peer-reviewed process to assure that they are complete, accurate and consistent with the current state of knowledge on diabetes treatment.


Disclaimer: The algorithms and protocols adopted by the Texas Diabetes Council are based on the best information available at the time of adoption and designed to provide information and assist decision-making. They should not be interpreted as prescribing an exclusive course of management. Variations in practice will inevitably and appropriately occur when clinicians consider the needs of the individual patient, available resources and limitations unique to an institution or type of practice. Every professional using these guidelines is responsible for evaluating the appropriateness of applying them in any particular clinical situation.


Revised: 04/24/14 Publication Number: E45-11825 (PDF, 721kb)

Weight Loss

Revised: 01/27/05 Publication Number: E45-11694 (PDF, 411kb)

Approved: 04/28/05 Publication Number: E45-12083 (PDF, 272kb)


Revised: 10/27/16 Publication Number: E45-11266 (PDF, 74kb)


Glycemic Control

Revised: 07/23/15 Publication Number: E45-11265 (PDF, 190kb)

Cardiovascular Risk Reduction

Revised: 01/28/16 Publication Number: E45-11267 (PDF, 112kb)

Revised: 01/28/16 Publication Number: E45-10777 (PDF, 100kb)

Insulin Administration

Revised: 04/28/16 Publication Number: E45-11649 (PDF, 152kb)

Revised: 04/28/16 Publication Number: E45-11647 (PDF, 436kb)

Initiation of Once Daily Insulin Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Children and Adults

Revised: 10/28/10

Worksheet: Advancing to Intensive/Physiologic Basal: Bolus Insulin Therapy

Revised: 01/27/10

Revised: 10/25/07 Publication Number: E45-12063 (PDF, 154kb)

Revised: 02/21/08 Publication Number: E45-12614 (PDF, 133kb)

Approved: 10/27/11 (PDF, 136kb)

Foot Care

Approved: 04/23/04 Publication Number: E45-12000 (PDF, 627kb)

Diabetic Foot Screen

Approved: 04/23/04

Diabetic Foot Exam

Approved: 04/23/04

Diabetic Foot Care/Referral Algorithm

Approved: 04/23/04

High Risk Scenario and Ulcer Management

Approved: 04/23/04

Pain Management

Approved: 07/17/14 Publication Number: E45-12613 (PDF, 178kb)